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Photo by Molly Sorge

Sapphire and Mclain Ward have teamed up to win many

Olympic, National & International competitions including:

1st $75,000 FEI Nations Cup WEF

1st $1,000,000 HITS Pfeizer Grand Prix
1st $500,000 FTI Consulting Finale GP WEF
1st $250,000 Hampton Classic World Cup Qualifier
1st $100,000 Washington Int’l President’s Cup
1st Grand Prix La Baule
1st Grand Prix Rome 2nd FEI Nations Cup La Baule
2nd $200,000 WEF 9 CN FEI World Cup

1st $1,000,000 CN International Grand Prix (Canada)
1st $400,000 FTI Consulting Finale Grand Prix (FL.)
1st $250,000 FEI World Cup – FTI GP (NY)
1st $200,000 FEI World Cup WEF (FL)
1st $100,00 Grand Prix at Devon (PA)
1st $50,000 Spy Coast Farm GP (NY)
2nd Rolex FEI World Cup Show Jumping Final (Las Vegas)

Team Gold Hong Kong Olympic Games
1st $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational (FL.)
1st $100,000 President’s Cup CSI-W (Wash DC)
6th $514,633 Rolex Grand Prix of Aachen (Germany)

1st $399, 541 CN Worldwide Florida Open (FL)
2nd $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational (FL.)
8th FEI Rolex World Cup Final (Las Vegas.)   

Team Silver World Equestrian Games (Germany)

Team Gold Athens Olympic Games

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