Staff Profile - Alex Avila | Blue Chip Farm

Staff Profile - Alex Avila

Alex Avila

  • Position: Stallion Manager
  • Tenure: 1996 to present
  • Responsibilities: Diet and routine for all stallions, trains young stallions
  • Favorite Racehorse of all time: Always B Mikki
  • Favorite Mare of all time: Advantest. “Produces every year, has great babies/yearlings which always sell and race well”
  • Favorite Yearling of all time: Arthur Blue Chip, 2011 foal out of Shadow Play/Advantest
  • Favorite Stallion: Credit Winner - “Credit Winner was tricky to figure out. Each breeding day was like no other. What interested him one day could be the opposite the next day. The challenge of working with Credit Winner and getting to know the horse personally helped achieve Blue Chip's breeding success with one of the world’s best.”
  • Philosophy:  Alex believes that building trust with each new horse is the most important part of managing a stallion. He likes to begin working with a new stallion weeks before collection in a one-on-one basis getting to know the stallion. During this time, Alex builds a foundation of trust and communication with the stallion to ensure success on their first day in the breeding shed .Alex provides a steady and consistent presence around the stallion. He refrains from over correction, which in his words “cause fear and a loss of trust which encourages the horse to behave disrespectfully. Alex can be found spending hours a day with E L Titan preparing him for a productive 2017 campaign.