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E L Titan

Race Record: 2, 1:53.4, 3,1:54.2; 4, 1:51.2f -'15 ($726,344)

Racing - winner of:

  • International Stallion Stakes
  • Madison County Trot
  • Carl Erskine Memorial
  • Sebastian K. Invitational
  • Second in 2015 Canadian Trotting Classic, American National and Breeder Crown.


  • Son of Muscle Hill
  • Dam is Courtney Hall 3,1:55.4 ($118,986):
    • A Full sister to Dan Patch Winner – Cameron Hall 4,1:53.4 ($1,816,236)
    • and a Full sister to dam of sire Cantab Hall 3,1:54 ($1,442,303) 


  • An excellent cross to Credit Winner Mares

Fee: $6,000

Eligible for Free Mare Consultation

View E L Titan's Standardbred Canada Free Breeding Report here.

E L Titan defeats Father Patrick while winning the $230K Carl Erskine Stakes at Hoosier Park (10/31/2014)

E L Titan rebuffs Father Patrick to win the $225K+ Carl Erskine Trot from Hoosier Park (R.Rekila/R.Pierce).

E L Titan, from the 10 hole, defeats Resolve in the Sebastian K from Pocono Downs (T.Tetrick).

These quotes originally appeared on harnesslink.com, read the full story here.

Resolve moved to the inside in the stretch but was unable to hold off E L Titan on the outside.


"I was hoping it would go like that," winning trainer Riina Rekila said about E L Titan's trip. "The eight hole, I don't like." "He can leave, but in these kinds of races you can't leave like crazy from the eight hole.""I was hoping for something like that and it went exactly like I was hoping. It was perfect."

Rekila, who is based in Canada, was listed to drive E L Titan, but was planning to find another driver for the race.

"I don't drive Pocono too often and in big races I think it's good that you know the track and you know the other drivers," Rekila said. "I can drive him in some of the smaller races."

E L Titan, a 4-year-old sent off at odds of 9-1, won for the first time in three races this year. He was slow to return to action this season because of doing stallion duty.

"He was breeding until July," Rekila said. "It's very stressful for the horses so I didn't want to bother him too much. And he had a little allergies too so I didn't want to stress him too much. I think he's much better when it gets cold. I try to give him time to recover after every race. It's hard to go (1):51. You have to give him time to rest, especially in the summertime." I don't think in the winter he cares. He really likes the winter."