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 Book Your Mare

Welcome to the Blue Chip Farms online booking process. Created exclusively for Blue Chip clients, this simple online booking process allows you to book your mare directly to a Blue Chip stallion.

If you board your mare with us...

  • Concierge access to stallions - both on-farm and our extensive portfolio of shares

  • No insemination charges for on-farm mares booked to Blue Chip stallions

  • Multiple mare discounts 

  • Exposure to on-farm, industry-leading E/T and IVF programs if needed

  • Consultative reproduction updates and advice from Dr. Herbert Burns and team; pedigree analysis from Jean Brown and Tom Grossman and yearling and weanling management and consultation from Hector Cedeno

Shed Collection

Collection Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Breeding shed opens February 9th, 2024


Semen Ordering Policy: All semen orders MUST be submitted via TEXT to our breeding text line at 845.905.2508 no later than 3:00 PM Eastern the day prior to collection. 


Please provide Allison with the following information:

  • Your name/farm name & phone number

  • Mare’s name

  • Stallion booked

  • Method of breeding (Transient, pick up, or shipped semen)

*Semen orders not accepted via email or fax.

Click here for information on semen delivery methods, our cancellation and payment policies, as well as order pricing.

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