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Blue Chip Farms sport horses

Sport Horses

Blue Chip recognizes the importance for young sport horses to receive plenty of turnout, socialization with others their age, and the need for professional staff to properly raise and manage their first few years of life.

Weanlings and yearlings are shed-raised, separated by age and sex, and group into 12-15 depending on the size of the field (minimum of 20 acres). These groups will have 24-hour turnout in fields with large run-in straw-bedded sheds for feeding and shelter.

The staff closely monitors the health, weight, and developmental needs of each individual. High quality hay and grain is fed each day. The fields are tested yearly for nutrients.

BCF will nurture and raise foals from birth until the spring or summer of their 3-year-old year. The young sport horses are raised conjointly with Blue Chip’s juvenile Standardbreds. Standardbreds have excellent steady temperaments and Blue Chip has found them very suitable companions for the young sport horses.


Each foal/young horse will be trimmed and vaccinated appropriately according to age. Blue Chip’s staff provides physical updates for owners who can’t visit regularly.

BCF management can facilitate the registration of each foal with the breed registry of owner’s choice including DNA, foal markings, and pictures. Annual keurings are conducted at BCF by breed registries if owners would like to participate for inspections by European judges.

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