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Oocyte aspiration for ICSI at Blue Chip Farms

Oocyte Aspiration For ICSI

*An aspiration release waiver must be signed and returned to the Blue Chip Farms' office prior to your mare's arrival for the procedure. If the mare is currently receiving Regumate, please continue the medication through her arrival at BCF. Click here for aspiration release waiver.

Reproductive Exam Day 1: Initial exam performed to evaluate where the mare is in her cycle. 

Unlike embryo transfer or breeding with frozen semen, we prefer the mare does NOT have a large dominant follicle for the aspiration procedure. 

The mare will receive repeated follow-up rectal exams until we are able to visualize an optimal time to perform the aspiration in order to maximize the number of oocytes recovered. 

Following the aspiration, the mare will receive antibiotics and NSAIDS.

Oocytes will be transported to the previously designated ICSI facility of your choice. 

We prefer to keep the mare overnight as this is a slightly more invasive procedure than E/T.

When and if the oocytes mature at your ICSI facility, you will have the option to freeze or implant the embryo into a recipient.

Below is a short lists of ICSI clinics that we encourage you to research, though we welcome you to investigate any others.

  • Equine Medical Services in Columbia, Missouri | 573.443.4414

  • UPenn (PEARL) New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania | 610.925.6575

Approximate costs:

  • Blue Chip aspiration procedures (includes limited anticipated days boarding): $1,000-$1,500

  • Oocyte shipping costs: $300-$500

  • ICSI lab basic costs: $1,700-$2,500

  • Recipient mare costs: $6,000-$7,000

  • Mare transportation costs: indeterminate

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