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Breeding with frozen semen at Blue Chip Farms

Breeding With Frozen Semen

*Owner's frozen semen should be arranged for delivery to our facility prior to the mare's arrival at Blue Chip Farms.

Reproductive Exam Day 1: Initial exam is performed to evaluate where the mare is in her cycle and estimate when she would potentially be bred. A uterine culture will be performed for all non-maiden mares. 

Mare will be inseminated 1-21 days later, assuming her culture is clean. 

Once an ovulatory agent is administered, multiple rectal exams are performed daily to ensure she is bred as close to ovulation as possible. Typically, insemination would be performed 30-36 hours post administration. 

If conditions permit, we prefer to breed immediately pre and post ovulation, utilizing two doses of semen. If availability of semen is limited, we will breed immediately post-ovulation utilizing one dose. 

It is vital for success with frozen semen for these mares to be monitored very closely. This often requires mares to be checked throughout the night and into the early morning. This will ultimately significantly improve the timing of insemination and therefore significantly improve pregnancy results.

Approximate costs: 

  • Blue Chip procedures (includes board for estimated 21-day timeframe: $1,200-$1,500

  • Mare transportation costs: indeterminate

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