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Blue Chip Farms

Is At Your Service

The Blue Chip Advantage

  •  A resident, fully dedicated to Blue Chip, veteran team led by Dr. Herbert Burns that built the current detailed, organized and highly efficient mare management process.

  • Continued investment in resident stallions and the professional staff and semen analysis / enhancement equipment required to stay on the forefront of equine technology including the new Nucleocounter and phase contrast microscope with DIC.

  • ​Rigorous analysis and constant calibrating of every aspect of the nutrition program. A farm wide commitment to every aspect of healthy development of a yearling including constant pasture and feed management along with several phases of handling / mental development.

  • Concierge access to stallions - both on farm and our extensive portfolio of shares

  • No insemination charges for on farm mares booked to Blue Chip stallions

  • Multiple mare discounts 

  • Exposure to on farm E/T and IVF programs if needed.

  • Consultative reproduction updates and advice from Dr. Herbert Burns and team; pedigree analysis from Jean Brown and Tom Grossman and yearling and weanling management and consultation from Hector Cedeno.


The Program

  • Produces industry leading in-foal rates across the board which continue to be meaningfully higher as compared to semen pick up, trailer bred or shipped semen based on breeding of our own NYSS eligible stallions over the last 14 years.

  • Provides substantial cost savings as derived from lower per heat cycle costs and avoidance of semen preparation costs as well as fewer cycles bred per year.

  • Yields industry leading yearling prices via access to the same yearling nutrition and development program and yearling prep / consignment process that consistently produces top consignor averages.

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