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Embryo transfer at Blue Chip Farms

Embryo Transfer

*Owner should contact a recipient mare facility and complete a contract with them prior to the donor mare's arrival at Blue Chip Farms. If the mare is currently receiving Regumate, please discontinue the medication prior to her arrival at BCF.

Reproductive Exam Day 1: Initial exam is performed to evaluate where the mare is in her cycle and estimate when she would potentially be bred. A uterine culture will be performed for all non-maiden mares.

Mare will be inseminated 1-21 days later, assuming her culture is clean.

An embryo flush will be performed 6.5-7 days post ovulation.

If a healthy embryo is recovered, it will be shipped in our temperature-controlled container to your recipient mare facility of choice.

Recipient mares can typically be picked up from your chosen facility between 30-60 days of pregnancy.

Below is a short list of recipient mare facilities that we encourage you to research, though you're more than welcome to investigate others.

  • Rood & Riddle Reproduction Facility in Georgetown, Kentucky | 859.233.0371

  • UPenn (PEARL) New Bolton Center in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania | 610.925.6575

  • Equine Fertility Institute in Aiken, South Carolina | 803.641.0644

Approximate costs:

  • Blue Chip procedures (includes board for estimated 21-day timeframe: $1,200-$1,700

  • Embryo shipping costs: $300-$500

  • Recipient mare costs: $6,000-$7,000

  • Mare transportation costs: indeterminate 

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